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Beware of Scam

There is something that requires to beware of. Which is beware of scam! I got lucky somehow to get the scam message first hand. Bingo! Someone try to scam me by offering RM 8,888 for my boost account. In this post, let me share with you how to detect scams so that you can be secure not to fall into it.

scam message
scam message

First of all, scam never uses the official office number. Why? Because they do not have access to it. Simple! Some scammer rings will usually use mobile phones, burner ones, to send and communicate to a potential victim. That way, when someone tries to track the mobile number or even to trace it, they can throw it quickly and get a new one. Also, after they collect money from one or more victims, the number will be inactive easily (ok, I admit that I watch too much spy TV series or movies).

The second clue, they seldom get the name right. But this one is smart. They mask the number so that it looks real and trustworthy. The most scam will tell you that they need to hide the name to maintain privacy, but actually, they are using this tactic to lure your real name. They will ask your full name, IC name, parents’ name, and common questions that the bank customarily required. So be careful when you are giving these kinds of pieces of information.

Scam website 1

Thirdly, and the best indicator. You require to do some sort of payment, be it some deposit, tax payment, and all kinds of sums that needed. Well, if you win some prize, the organizer tends to deduct your price money for tax or any fee and bank the balance to your bank. When I go to the website and see they accept payment. I do notice immediately that this is a complete scam website. So really beware of scam and always be aware of the signs. If you got scammed, follow this advice. Well, perhaps this happen because I often use Boost.

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