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Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019

This year, I am really honored to be one of a guest speaker for the Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019. Last year, I attended as a participant to get the latest available technologies in the accounting world. This year, I come as one of the speakers, indeed an achievement personally for me.

On the stage, I am a bit nervous as many accountants are looking at the arena. I do thank Mr. Wen Tak, the moderator, who breaks my nervousness. With me, all industry players from respective areas, cloud computing, robotic automation, and I am representing from the artificial intelligence area.

Back to a couple of weeks ago, before the conference, someone from MIA called us to be on stage. I never expect it happen at the beginning. We are a small startup, and in the past two years, we focus on enhancing our products and services to be better. We aim to help many accountants finish their work efficiently. So being a speaker for the Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019 indeed an honor.

At the end of the day, I do think I am doing well. Because many people come to me on the stages to find out more about what AI technology can help them in day-to-day live. Something that I am pleased about. Because what I am worried that fewer people understand about what I said. I can speak with developers or business analysts to talk about technology. Somehow when talk with accountants is beyond my comfort zone.

After this experience, I need to learn more about public speaking on how to deliver my message clearly to many people and even to a different group of people. So if you just happen to be in Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019, do comment about my presentation or add my Linkedin.

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