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Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019

My startup is one of many AI startup selected by Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019 in Jakarta. One of the benefits will be having access to more than 6000 attendees. This conference is considered an essential event for a small startup like mine. Showcase our capabilities and even to get a new customer.

There are so many people that we met during these events, most of them really like our idea and form a partnership with Workspez. There are a few party queries about our product and service too. Workspez is a relatively new company, so we need to be present at these events. In order for more people aware of our solution and how AI technology can help them.

I can say there are two sides of the positive things that I can take from this event. One is that I can validate my ideas to many people who inquire about our product. Many challenging questions to be answered, despite that, I am enjoying this process. So I know what will be the next step to improve for my product to excel. Another side of positive things is a new customer!! What is the best way to validate your idea, if not other than getting a new customer? Onboarding customers in the conference are one of the success stories that I can share in my pitching. Check this article on how important digital transformation to your business.

If you came to Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019 in Jakarta, I believe you will be crowded with many exciting startups. In the Workspez booth, I need to stand more than 8 hours and talking non-stop to many people. In summary, I am thrilled with the result of the conference. So if you miss the event, don’t worry because you can contact me if you want to inquire about the Workspez service and product.

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