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productivity tools to work from home

As Covid-19 has dominated every main page of news, it is no strange that work from home has become critical to combat this epidemic. First, it is for your safety (so please do not comes out unless it is needed!), and also your family, friends, in-laws, and the list goes on. As you may hear, one event in Malaysia has become the Covid-19 hotspot. What we may not know is that the attendance of the event has infected his/her own family members, and it spread to other people around them too. This pandemic event has forced many companies and businesses in Malaysia to work from home as a whole country. This push for work from home is 2020 trend. This post I would like to share about what productivity tools for work from home.

My company is adopting cloud technology from day one because we want every business process as simple as possible. So for our primary communications, we use Gsuite as our primary email hosting. We like Gsuite products because many of our business processes can digitize. Not to mention that Gsuite is one of the best email hosting servers in the world.

For our online meeting, we use (they also top tools for some website that talks about productivity tools for work from home) as our online meeting. It has been delivering excellent quality of video and audio from day one. We love it because not only we have more than 10 meeting rooms, but it is simple to use and does not require to install any additional programs.

Productivity tools for project management and tasks, we use Jira (I would say one of the best project management for productivity tools for work from home). We have made several improvements in the way we work, such as our agile developments, tasks managements, specific business workflows in place. To be frank, we have not 100% utilize the Jira tools, but we leave it for the next day since we are continuously improving the way we work.

Let’s talk about the traditional phone line. Yes, if you think this can’t be digitized, then you are absolutely wrong. Since I heard about Omni Virtual business line, I quickly make a switch to it. Cost a fraction, but whoever calls to the landline number, our customer will be greed with interactive virtual assistance. Once they choose which department they would like to speak, then respective mobile phone rings. Why we do so? Imagine if a potential customer is the one that calling your line and you are not able to pick up? It will be your loss.

How about accounting works? Of course, we use Workspez cloud accounting. I can access it online and update my book, keeping it anytime. It also eases my tasks since I can get any reports that I need for authorities. So hope my post about productivity tools for work from home help you and your company to go digital.

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