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Video Conference in 2020

Video conference has become a norm in 2020. Zoom has become the buzz word in this pandemic. I honestly never heard about Zoom until it appears in many media (be it good or bad). Since then, Zoom has become my primary tool in video conferencing despite Webex and Google Hangout Meets available. Simply because many people that I need to meet online have Zoom account.

In a day, averagely, I have about 4 hours of online meetings, be it business or personal meeting. So doing it right in one right setting will save a lot of minutes a week to make some adjustments in every session. Here are my personal online meeting tips that help me to manage those meetings well for a video conference in 2020.

Virtual background or blur effect, use it!

Zoom has a feature to change your background into a virtual image. You can set your conference background according to your like, mountains, flowers, libraries, etc. It helps to create a professional environment if your space has difficulty finding a plain backdrop or a beautiful backdrop. I had seen a few people using their bedroom in a business setting meeting, even show a messy background. This is not really good. So be mindful of your conference background. We are in 2020, so it is easy to find a suitable conference background to use.

Fully charge your wireless earphone or headset.

You do not want to run out the battery of your headset during meetings. Not only will it create a distraction to your session, but also some conference tools will need you to restart the software. Now, if you are the host, you need to end the meeting, which translating kicking every single attendance at the conference. This is the worst scenario. There is a reason why the wired headset still sells well in this era. I am currently using Jabra wireless headset 45e. It has been a year, and it works well in every meeting and video conference platform. The only drawback is the battery drops pretty fast. Instead, I am getting 8 hours, it is probably around 6 to 7 hours. Reasonable enough since I am a heavy user. Look at Lazada or Shopee for a good headset for a video conference in 2020. It will help you a lot!

For Zoom, always use a paid license when you are in a business meeting.

Personally, Zoom is the best tool for a video conference in 2020. But the free account only can host 40 minutes, and after that system will automatically end the meeting. You need to ask everyone to come to the room again. Depend on your participant culture, but ASEAN people have a tendency to drag a one-hour meeting into one and a half-hour meeting. It can be late coming to meet, some disruption, or there will be one person who keeps talking and talking nonstop.

Mindful with your surroundings.

If you stay with a family during this time, whenever there is an important meeting. It will be the best idea to inform them so that they are aware of your situation. My wife always calls me without checking what I am doing, so there are many times in the past that she calls me during conference sessions. My three years old son does not understand when I am busy, so he will either asking me about something or telling me stories. So when I set time and understanding from them, during critical meetings, they are understanding of my situation and try their best not to calls me.

Above are some of my personal best practice in doing a video conference in 2020. I do hope it helps you. Do comment or even email me if you have more tips to share.

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