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What We Want To See in Your Resume

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Nov 12, 2018
Job Portal

I had been interviewing many people in these past five days. I know that to land an interview, some may think it is kinda easy. But I tell you some secrets that you need to do in your resume before you come to interview. This is my upgraded version from my previous post about the meaningful interview – how to get it. Now you might clueless but fear not. What I share with you is from my own experience on how I pick good people and also how I really able to filter out those who are not fit to take the job.

Make your resume professional

This is the most essential thing that you should do. Do invest in a pleasant template or some design that makes your outstanding resume format. Yes, the content is critical, so does the visual. I never like to see a resume in a typical word format. Next is do include a professional photo. It should be either passport photos or business-related profile picture. I never like to see people attach their photo that seems taken from the Facebook profile picture, not to mention with some style and duck mouth (I saw this, I will delete the resume and find the next person). There is time for duck mouth photos but obviously, seldom work for an interview.

Recheck your spelling, again, and again. Remember your resume is about three to four pages (commonly), so do spend more time checking the spelling. Take a break between checking to ensure you did not miss anything. People who do recruitment are so sensitive towards wrong spelling. If you can’t do this simple job, forget about getting a more prominent role. Not including detailed information is a killer too. Say you have 6 years’ experience, but you only list the latest company where you just work for about 2 years. I will be wondering about the remaining 4 years. Mind you that I would not spend more time to check with you. If you did not even care to put, why should I?

Remove hobby, weight, and height, or non-related info, please

For God’s sake, do remove this stuff. You love swimming, but applying for an accountant post, what is the relations? About height and weight are never needed actually. Unless it stated so for particular jobs such as stewardess/flight attendance. How about a fresh graduate? Ah, yes, you did not have any experience, so I would rather see what is your active activity during your study. Take the example of joining some competitions, championing a specific field, or any other things that might help you to stand out from other fresh graduates. Your grade is absolutely necessary to put.

But I saw someone putting winning a photography competition while applying as a programmer. Well, I seriously think it is not needed, but why not? How about social media account then? Unless it is for marketing or related job, it is not required. Linkedin will be useful to put.


Do include achievement, include the detail data and how you achieve it in brief. Don’t do this: “Improve overall sales” or “Bring impact to company-wide,” instead do this: “Increase 3% sales monthly with effective communication skills”. I do notice most resume is lacking in this part. We do want to see your job description, but the achievement will thrive.

How to answer calls from companies

Never ever show impoliteness to the person that calls you to arrange an interview. So what kind of things under impoliteness? Forgot that you apply job for such company, or you show “don’t care” attitude as long as you got the job to jump, or worse, you are not really sure you want to come to interview (this kind of people I will put adverse remark which it will stay permanently in their resume).

I know that these coming months many people graduate or celebrating for university students. I hope for the best of your career.

Set Priority Right

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Oct 31, 2018

I am writing this from Bandung, and I really miss my family in KL. I am privilege to be able to go outstation to build business in Bandung, but with sacrifice of my family time. There are lots of things running in my mind, and obviously going back to KL soonest is what I desire most. From outside, you may think that I had achieve success, but I tell you what I am doing now is to build strong foundation in business. To enable this business help SME in Indonesia, this has been my passion and sole goal.

What matters?

Yes, from short description above, it seems my work really important. I do ask questions time to time, is this really worth to sacrifice my family time? In this state of confusion, often I pray to God to give clear guidance. Thanks for my church network, most of the town I visit, I will be able to meet with new friends or sometimes old friends too. It has been 10 years I had become disciple, and I know that I have to set priority right about my life. I never like the term “No choice”. We have choices all the time.

So what is my first priority? God. First and foremost, I start my day and end my day trying my best worshiping God. I do failed many times and fall into sinful nature, but each fall I make a promise that I would never fall into same spot again. My second priority now is my wife and then comes my children. I know many parents put their children first then spouse. I share with you that you have to put your spouse first before children. My son actually copying me and my wife very well. If I teach him something but I never do it, it would not last long. He is learning by copying. That is how kids are.

Set priority right from beginning

So if the first, second and third has taken, so where you put your work in what number? Whenever I am traveling or meeting with new people, often times I get the feeling that people put their work above all. This is totally the opposite of set priority right. Think again, business world is a harsh world. Whenever it is not making profit, it would not last. Do you want a great life? Set your priority right from beginning. That is the key. Spend more time with your family, friends, or someone that dear to you. This will improve your overall life, and contribute to higher productivity. If you need to work with someone and you have the power to choose, are you going to choose someone who are moody or high spirit? If it is me, I will choose the high spirit one, because it will be pleasant working with them compare the other one.

So I do hope for those who are putting their work first, after reading this perhaps you start to think what really matters in your life. Because each of you are matters to God, so yes you are matter to someone else.

Passionate Person

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Sep 15, 2018
Passionate Person

I would like to start with open question, Are you passionate person? Are many of your friends know about your passion? Lately, I got tons of questions about how I start my company, etc. At this moment, I do think that I am far from success, or what they imagine about me. Some of the myth or assumption that they have about me are:

Assumption: I am someone successful and rich.

Reality: No, I am not successful, I am just hard work. Rich is kinda subjective, but I do press my debt to my best minimum that I can.

Assumption: I am driving luxury car. (I seriously wonder what is the relation between boss / director in company with Mercedes Benz).

Reality: I still love my six year old Myvi. Been driving that to almost everywhere in West Malaysia. I am still not thinking to change it unless necessary.

Assumption: I do stay in big house.

Reality: No, I am currently stay in normal apartment. Big house is kinda nightmare for me as I can imagine how long I have to spend my weekend hour to clean that house.

Above are just couple of things that I have to keep clarify to many “New” friend, and I am still doing it every time. One thing for sure that I can tell you, I do really passionate in what I do. I want to do it best and only expect the best from it only. Most people know me on how picky I am about food. Yes, this is true. I do love to eat and I can go quite far for an incredible meal. I found that these kind of passionate people about food are quite common to find in Kuala Lumpur. Now the next big things is that, are you getting paid from doing what you love?

I have a chances to bring a topic to my team about why they should be passionate in what they do, if they did not. Perhaps it is time to change their choice of make a living. Rather than drag their feet to come to office just to finish their work. In short, I am building up a team who consist of passionate person. I rather work with these teams even their skill perhaps not up to par yet. Because they will grow exponentially strong among others.

Young Chef Competition 2018

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Jul 25, 2018
Cooking Competition

I am honored to become one of the judges on judging young chef competition for students below 14 years. Well, I can call myself foodie as I am also running food blog as my hobby. Thus giving a personal opinion on food is something that I do for a hobby, but this will be the first time I am doing it for advice/input to people.

Overall events

Overall events

See the crowd attending this event. I personally think that parents are the most excited about this event compare to the participants. There are 10 groups from various schools, and they compete in teamwork, presentation, taste, and overall effort. You can see below is the young chef competition attendance.

As you can see above, they are all young and energetic. I am so inspired by seeing them on how during a young age, they can do cooking on this level. I am not talking about just boiled water and cook instant noodle here. All food is made fresh, be it boiled, fried, or baked.

preparing food 2

preparing food 2

preparing food

preparing food

Two pictures above are a glimpse of how these students are preparing food. Even on how they do decoration, I can say it is on par with a professional level (perhaps with more training).

small kids cooking

small kids cooking

Surprise….. These are kids that… perhaps below 9 years? Saw on how they do cooking and it is indeed outstanding. They really train hard for this day.

So let’s do the drum roll.

The winner is actually group 1, see the photo of small kids cooking? They are from group one. A couple of reasons why they are the winner. The attire, mask, hand gloves, even mouth cover. That is a high mark there. Then the food that they cook, superb. To my surprise, the chicken they cook is one of the best so far. Not many restaurants can grill the chicken to that level. Just cooked sweet and tender. Overall I am glad able to be part of this cooking competition.

Cashless Trend

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Jun 14, 2018

Are we really going to the cashless community soon? Cashless does not mean you are broke by the way. It is about doing transactions without involving cash, but more towards digital financial. In my mobile, I have a couple of fintech apps, to name a few such as Kipple pay, Maybank pay, fave, line and Wechat pay. Even Air Asia is launching its mobile payment as well. So in my personal prediction, soon the market will be flooded with many mobile payment products that each of them will try to beat one another with either lower price or more promotions.

Why do I think the cashless trend will be a future? A simple thing is convenient. I am not sure about you, but I do tend to forget my wallet. Multiple times, in fact. One of the worse is that I am on the way to the office, I did not bring my purse, and my toll e-card has no money. That makes me go back to my house, take my wallet and then go office. Thanks to that experience, I am more aware of my wallet than before. Strange things are that I can forget about my wallet but not my phone.

Now, have you paid your transactions in digital forms? Like bank transfer, or quick payment scheme? That is something improving the money flow and convenient. Now, whenever I want to buy online, surely either I will pay thru my credit card or using my bank as a direct payment. I heard the story of how China using mobile payment extensively that they did not even need cash in their daily life. That is proof that technology has gone deep into society.

The younger generation is more versed in new technology adaption. I personally think that this group of people will be the one who wants to be the first technology adopter. Plus, they are the most significant number for the cashless trend. It may not be in one or two years (I can be wrong), but I think soon Malaysia will have a tremendous increment on a cashless society.

New Government for Malaysia 2018 PRU14

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May 30, 2018
Government change

As reported in many news portals, Malaysia’s opposition has success to form a majority in parliament to form the federal government. I was stunned to see the end result, and I could not believe it. This election has to make Malaysian people from all around the world make an effort to bail out their votes to make it counts. Yes, there are many speculations (based on some news portal) that the previous ruling party will still win the federal, but lesser seats in parliament. Another surprising factor is the election committee introduce last-minute boundary changes that affecting most opposition party. You can find this blog for 10 things that Malaysia EC does.

Personally, I have been in Malaysia since 2008, so I am familiar with the Malaysian political situation. Seriously, it is a great country to earn a living. But there are few things that I seriously think it will help the country to grow in many areas: be it economic, living standards, and the prosperity of its people. To start with, these are a few points of my own observation that I experience myself, so all these points come out from my personal point of view. So let’s look into core problems.

The rising cost of living

Yes, this is the number one problem that everybody is facing. Somehow the price of basic necessity has increased tremendously. Is it because of GST? The significant part is yes!!! No matter how previous government paints a rosy picture on how GST able to lower the cost. No one is buying it. Now, if the government does implement GST, in return, most of the critical infrastructure becomes affordable. This might turn into something better, like abolishing tolls, affordable health care, a subsidy of necessity product, or incentive on income tax. Seriously, rather than giving cash handout where it has bigger chances of abuse, why not make a big-scale investment that generates better profit and uses it to subsidies? Oh wait, they did that. Which is 1MBD and so far it becomes the center of the news.

Apart from the rising cost of living, affordable house has become a challenge. Yes, it is an actual global challenge, especially in the metropolitan area. Population increase every year, but the affordable house project is not able to catch. Surprising enough, I keep hearing about luxury properties developments more than anything else. I think it is suitable for a well-known developer to develop a low-medium range of houses to ease the burden or giving back to a community project.

The policy that favorable specific group of people

I firmly believe that this is really a bad idea. No matter how they frame it, favoring a particular group of people due to conditions will only hurt actually. Seriously, this is absolutely not going to sustain in any circumstances. Is this wrong to do? Oh well, since the government can do anything, so yeah it is not wrong. But if the question, will it help? No. When you practice spoon feed exercise to a certain extent, it will only do harm than good.

Ethical practice and policy it will nurture people well. Given the same everyone opportunity, you will be surprised that many will rise to their full capacity. Because it is a healthy environment. To be able to have a healthy competition among another, experiencing hurdles and raise up stronger.

Scandals, Funny Statements, Avoiding Questions

Previous administration often becomes a news highlight due to funny statements. Even some scandals that blatantly done in board daylight received no investigations. Famous word: “innocent until proven guilty” is being abused. Many citizens demanding a direct, honest answer from the government, and yet they are not given any explanation. What makes it worse is that they keep avoiding the questions. When the items are being asked many times, and there are no facts given. That is a signal about covering up.

New Government New Hope

The majority of Malaysians have lost hope on their current administration, which is why many are desperate to make the changes. Honestly, I never expect that opposition can obtain a majority in the federal government, after all the hurdles that they are facing. I believe this is the answer to how frustrated they have with the long-serving ruling party. So the challenge for new government obviously to tackle the rising cost, eliminate corruption, and to introduce fair-policy that giving benefits to overall rather than a specific group of people.

I am so happy when the new government declares zero-rate GST. This will help to reduce the overall cost of goods in the market. Then the next question is, where the new government able to have a new revenue stream that keeps their administrative afloat with such a budget? White-elephant projects must go!!! One of the current news that they are abolishing high-speed trains to Singapore. What I am looking forward to is the elimination of toll in stages. The next big giant to fight is actually on education that empowering critical thinking and innovation.

Overall, I am excited to see the future of Malaysia. Personally, I think there are many things for the new administrative government to fix and amend to make the country grow into high-income nations.