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Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019

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Oct 24, 2019
Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019

My startup is one of many AI startup selected by Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019 in Jakarta. One of the benefits will be having access to more than 6000 attendees. This conference is considered an essential event for a small startup like mine. Showcase our capabilities and even to get a new customer.

There are so many people that we met during these events, most of them really like our idea and form a partnership with Workspez. There are a few party queries about our product and service too. Workspez is a relatively new company, so we need to be present at these events. In order for more people aware of our solution and how AI technology can help them.

I can say there are two sides of the positive things that I can take from this event. One is that I can validate my ideas to many people who inquire about our product. Many challenging questions to be answered, despite that, I am enjoying this process. So I know what will be the next step to improve for my product to excel. Another side of positive things is a new customer!! What is the best way to validate your idea, if not other than getting a new customer? Onboarding customers in the conference are one of the success stories that I can share in my pitching. Check this article on how important digital transformation to your business.

If you came to Tech In Asia Startup Factory 2019 in Jakarta, I believe you will be crowded with many exciting startups. In the Workspez booth, I need to stand more than 8 hours and talking non-stop to many people. In summary, I am thrilled with the result of the conference. So if you miss the event, don’t worry because you can contact me if you want to inquire about the Workspez service and product.

Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019

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Oct 13, 2019
Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019

This year, I am really honored to be one of a guest speaker for the Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019. Last year, I attended as a participant to get the latest available technologies in the accounting world. This year, I come as one of the speakers, indeed an achievement personally for me.

On the stage, I am a bit nervous as many accountants are looking at the arena. I do thank Mr. Wen Tak, the moderator, who breaks my nervousness. With me, all industry players from respective areas, cloud computing, robotic automation, and I am representing from the artificial intelligence area.

Back to a couple of weeks ago, before the conference, someone from MIA called us to be on stage. I never expect it happen at the beginning. We are a small startup, and in the past two years, we focus on enhancing our products and services to be better. We aim to help many accountants finish their work efficiently. So being a speaker for the Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019 indeed an honor.

At the end of the day, I do think I am doing well. Because many people come to me on the stages to find out more about what AI technology can help them in day-to-day live. Something that I am pleased about. Because what I am worried that fewer people understand about what I said. I can speak with developers or business analysts to talk about technology. Somehow when talk with accountants is beyond my comfort zone.

After this experience, I need to learn more about public speaking on how to deliver my message clearly to many people and even to a different group of people. So if you just happen to be in Malaysia Institute of Accountant AccTech Conference 2019, do comment about my presentation or add my Linkedin.

Future Proofing Your Business in 2018

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Jul 20, 2018
future proofing your business

I was attending two days event host by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. With a fascinating topic: “Future-Proofing Your Business.” It is indeed a mind opener attending such an event. I personally think that MIA keeps encouraging businesses to adopt technologies to improve the quality of the accounting standard. Not to mention, there are many possibilities that the company itself able to obtain. What actually the hype in the conference is about artificial intelligence. It does raise concern among accountants on why the reluctant on adopting AI technology might replace their job one day. But this myth has been water down by many speakers. Instead, it should enhance the accountant job rather than replacing. There are a couple of factors that I do find why technology has been slow to adopt in business.

Find out who is the first adoption.

Not only once or twice, where people ask me who is the first adoption of technology. Even I mention big names, they always try to find a similar company like theirs to see if it is working or not. Looking at the current Malaysia business, it took about 3 years when ride sharing making a significant impact on the transport industry. Have you heard about mobile payment? I personally think the time frame is shortened than 2 years when the majority will be using digital cash. Imagine your cafe/restaurant does not have alternative payment, it is actually losing a customer due to this (especially people like me who carry very minimum cash).

Expensive and Slow in Roll Out

With cloud infrastructure, gone are the days where you need to purchase servers, networks, spaces, etc. for your application server. To configure cloud infrastructure can take as fast as 6 hours (or perhaps less), which is really fast compared to purchasing servers, software, etc. Apart from hardware, you might need to think about the roll out applications suite where it actually works for your organization. When I am doing SAP rollout, often I hear that they want to migrate every single thing on what they do to SAP platform, which I think it does not make any difference if it is in SAP or any other platform. I also understand the resistance on changing process might impact in every area.

With the current cloud solution, technology adoption can be shortened. At the same time, the updates can be done fast. With this technology available, it will enable a business to perform any kind of task that used to have limitations in a couple of years back.

Unable to Adopt New Technology due to the Ancient System

Using much application in one business area, take the example in purchasing, people using excel, purchasing system, invoicing, quotations, etc. Why not enable the integration where you enter one part, and it can be reused in other applications? Wait, that is the limitation of the ancient system that you are facing. Which is why it does need an upgrade in a certain way. Result of this will not only slow your business, but at the same time, it will actually stop the growth of the company.

Why technology matters

With those points above, it is common to see some business are struggling and facing a lot of issues. Not only it has become challenging to manage, but it will increase the risk of becoming non-compliance with regulations. So the golden question, how to adopt the right technology? This question will be matters now, and in the future as well. No doubt that technology regularly changes, but one thing for sure is that businesses should take these chances to leverage.


Happy Customer Story 1

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Apr 7, 2018
Happy Customer

A happy customer is crucial for business. It is the most fundamental thing, and yet many are not paying enough attention to this. Small business or large corporations, I never failed to put in my mind to make a happy customer. Last Friday, I had a lengthy meeting with one of the potential customers. This customer is bringing his accountant to see what Workspez cloud accounting capable of doing. The demo took about one and a half hours. To my surprise, the accountant keeps asking how we can path partnership together. Now that is something that mind-blowing!!!!

Happy customer lead to a strong partnership

Like everybody else, this accountant wants to see what kind of new things that Workspez cloud accounting solution can do. This accountant has been using much software in the Malaysia market. Not only she has high requirements, at the same time, but she also has many customers looking for the right solutions. Technology has become the main element factor for decision making. These two hours’ meeting has been really fruitful for me. This accountant even shares how they can now expand their business well. She even subscribes to our shared service on the data entry part. Seeing the feeling of someone so excited to agreement straight away is somewhat a satisfied feeling.

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

How about the customer that bought this accountant? Well, seeing how his accountant reacts such away, he did not waste any single time to think about migrating to our cloud solution. The cost-saving that his accountant does the brief calculation, it already does win his over. Not to mention setting a higher standard for his business financial standard.

Personally, to me, having such a reaction is my satisfaction in doing business. From the beginning, I never put money as the main priority. We are putting more focus on our team. To solve the real pain issues that SME has facing in their daily operations. This moment, we might be small. I always believe that keep serving my customers passionately, the business will take care of itself.

What makes our cloud solution lead to a happy customer?

We do ask a few questions to accountants and our customer, what makes them satisfied. It is quite simple questions, but critical to our business. Few customers that I had to ask them, the common thing that I get: Lower cost of accounting. Many have the wrong conceptions that my AI solution will replace many jobs. I never go tired to explain how our solution, in fact, is enhancing current manpower. One common fear that I get from the customer, the safety of their data. Well, we do adopt the bank security level. Not to mention our infrastructure using the world’s most secure infrastructure. So getting hacked is somewhat unheard of. In fact, by using our solution, when the Inland Revenue agent or Custom department agent comes to your doorstep for requesting document. It just within a finger click.

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Starting Business in 2018

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Dec 31, 2017
Starting Business

In a matter couple of hours, 2017 will end. How is your 2017 doing? I hope it does well to you and your plan and let’s embrace 2018 with a new spirit. Well, that is the most common line that I have seen in facebooks status, Instagrams, etc. Yes, I can see most people excited about the new year, making a resolution and try to achieve it in 2018, and having a new spirit, the list goes on and on. But one question that I would like to ask how many of you would like to start a business in the year 2018?

What it takes for starting a business?

If you plan to start a business, then the right time will be now. Yes, you heard it right. The time to start a company will be as soon as possible. The next golden question, how?

Well, to answer that, first thing first, what are the things that you would love to do, spend your time and effort on those particular things, or something that burning your passion? Start with that. Because when you are in doing business, if you did not love it, you would not sustain. I love helping people, solve problems, and guiding people. That is my passion, and I am still doing it all the time.

So now we got things about your passion. The next will be on how you monetize it. We are talking about business anyway so there must be a way on how to monetize your passion. One example, I got one friend who loves to buy gadgets. He has urged to get the latest devices on the market, be it handphones, laptops, etc. That passion does not sustain him long until he finds a way to monetize it. He starts gadget review, people love his study, and then that is where $$$ coming in. Even big brand send him some sample for him to do a review and then he can keep it.

So you got the idea of two simple concepts on how to start your own business. The first is to find what you passionate about and then find a way to monetize it. Last but not least, happy new year and have a great time in 2018.

2017 for Workspez

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Dec 23, 2017
Workspez Team

The year 2017 has been good for Workspez. Time flies really fast, and in the blink of an eye, we are entering the last week of 2017. I personally thank all the related people who contribute to Workspez’s growth, trusts, and encouragement. I never really imagine without much support from a different party, we would not be able to be where we are now.

A memory line of Workspez in the year 2017: Firstly, we manage to secure two funding from different angels around Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. They invest in our dreams and trust their hard-working cash to us. This trust is something that I personally take heavy responsibility. Secondly, our team member grows from 2 persons (basically two founders) into 12 people in the team now, and with different cultures and countries; Indonesia, India, South Korea, Malaysia. Perhaps in 2018, we will have more nationalities in the organization. Third, we obtain MSC status and the story of receiving it really something encouraging us. Our MSC consultant kinda shocks that we receive the MSC status in a short period. Fourth, we have an entity in Indonesia (Bandung) and Singapore.

We are ready to roll out our solutions in these three countries, which will help SME to simplified all paperwork process. Last but not least, we are a team of fun people, we do work really hard to ensure we can deliver what we have set, at the same time we also love to have lots of fun. It is not really easy to make a great team from multi-national, but we did it.

There are many exciting things that we are looking forward to 2018, but I will disclose it when the time is right. Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, and Happy New Year.