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Beware of Scam

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Nov 2, 2019
Beware of Scam

There is something that requires to beware of. Which is beware of scam! I got lucky somehow to get the scam message first hand. Bingo! Someone try to scam me by offering RM 8,888 for my boost account. In this post, let me share with you how to detect scams so that you can be secure not to fall into it.

scam message
scam message

First of all, scam never uses the official office number. Why? Because they do not have access to it. Simple! Some scammer rings will usually use mobile phones, burner ones, to send and communicate to a potential victim. That way, when someone tries to track the mobile number or even to trace it, they can throw it quickly and get a new one. Also, after they collect money from one or more victims, the number will be inactive easily (ok, I admit that I watch too much spy TV series or movies).

The second clue, they seldom get the name right. But this one is smart. They mask the number so that it looks real and trustworthy. The most scam will tell you that they need to hide the name to maintain privacy, but actually, they are using this tactic to lure your real name. They will ask your full name, IC name, parents’ name, and common questions that the bank customarily required. So be careful when you are giving these kinds of pieces of information.

Scam website 1

Thirdly, and the best indicator. You require to do some sort of payment, be it some deposit, tax payment, and all kinds of sums that needed. Well, if you win some prize, the organizer tends to deduct your price money for tax or any fee and bank the balance to your bank. When I go to the website and see they accept payment. I do notice immediately that this is a complete scam website. So really beware of scam and always be aware of the signs. If you got scammed, follow this advice. Well, perhaps this happen because I often use Boost.

Indonesian General Election 2019

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Apr 14, 2019
Indonesian General Election 2019 KBRI

Today is the time for all Indonesia citizens to cast their votes. Which marking a historical date of Indonesian general election 2019 KBRI. All outstation Indonesian able to cast their votes to their respective Indonesia embassy.

I arrive at 10:00 AM at KBRI Malaysia, to my surprise that so many people have queue up in front of KBRI to cast their votes. I am surprised that many people have been long queues up, under the hot sun! I am about to give up, thank God one of my friends calls me to come to another voting place.

Without much thinking, I go to second place, which is not far from KBRI KL. Well, not to my surprise, many people are queueing up here too. Estimate about 300 people gather here. Well, it is indeed the Indonesian general election 2019!!!!

I stand under the hot sun for at least 3 hours, along this time, I manage to comfort some people who want to give upvoting. I insist on telling them that they need to make sure that their voice counts! I had seen quite a lot of people complain about the current government as well as fear about the opposition candidate capability. So why not stand for a couple of hours more and use this opportunity to really make your voice matter!!

I do hope the next general election, they can perform better checking and organizing. Credential sourced from Indonesia record that there are about one million Indonesian in Malaysia, with this number, they do only open three locations for casting a vote. Assuming 60% of people turns up for voting, how do you think that three voting place can accommodate such number? Something to learn for the Indonesian general election 2019.

So apart from standing under the hot sun for 4 hours, getting shout by local police and being treated like suspects (they ask us to sit on the road and make us duck walking to bail out office). Not to count people keep pushing from all directions and best out of best, someone still smoking in those conditions. With all those sweat, I manage to cast my vote!!! This is what I do for my country!!

Indonesia General Election 2019

Now, hopefully for those in Indonesia can do the same casting their vote in Indonesia General Election 2019 on 17th April 2019. All the best and pray to God that the next president can lead Indonesia to a better future.

Cashless Trend

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Jun 14, 2018

Are we really going to the cashless community soon? Cashless does not mean you are broke by the way. It is about doing transactions without involving cash, but more towards digital financial. In my mobile, I have a couple of fintech apps, to name a few such as Kipple pay, Maybank pay, fave, line and Wechat pay. Even Air Asia is launching its mobile payment as well. So in my personal prediction, soon the market will be flooded with many mobile payment products that each of them will try to beat one another with either lower price or more promotions.

Why do I think the cashless trend will be a future? A simple thing is convenient. I am not sure about you, but I do tend to forget my wallet. Multiple times, in fact. One of the worse is that I am on the way to the office, I did not bring my purse, and my toll e-card has no money. That makes me go back to my house, take my wallet and then go office. Thanks to that experience, I am more aware of my wallet than before. Strange things are that I can forget about my wallet but not my phone.

Now, have you paid your transactions in digital forms? Like bank transfer, or quick payment scheme? That is something improving the money flow and convenient. Now, whenever I want to buy online, surely either I will pay thru my credit card or using my bank as a direct payment. I heard the story of how China using mobile payment extensively that they did not even need cash in their daily life. That is proof that technology has gone deep into society.

The younger generation is more versed in new technology adaption. I personally think that this group of people will be the one who wants to be the first technology adopter. Plus, they are the most significant number for the cashless trend. It may not be in one or two years (I can be wrong), but I think soon Malaysia will have a tremendous increment on a cashless society.

Workspez Halloween 2017

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Nov 5, 2017
Workspez Halloween 2017

Our first Workspez Halloween with a bunch of fun colleagues. October and November are peak months for Workspez. We are rushing to enhancing our product, increasing our strategic partner, and establish our self in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Work hard must be balanced with play carefully. This picture is taken during the Workspez Halloween day. For those who do not dress up, punishment is to treat lunch. I forgot to take a picture of candies and chocolates on my tables. I would not share the chocolate anyway.

Why we do Workspez Halloween?

None of us celebrating Halloween day or whatever. Firstly, it is fun to have one. Second, participation is essential. Third, release the tense of stress. With that, we have it. We thought of having a potluck for lunch together. Some thinking of bringing a gift for the best dress. Others just want chocolate and candies. I personally believe it is a good company culture to celebrate any fun event. As long as it does not cross any boundaries. There is no hurting to have fun once in a while. We are a dynamic startup anyway. I personally love to have this as an annual event. Hoping that somewhere in the next five years. When we look back, the fondness is still remembered.

Probably some ask, how about Octoberfest? Well, I would love to have it, but it would not tie with Workspez. We need to respect those who can’t drink. After Halloween, time to prepare for Thanks Giving and Christmas. I am looking forward to Christmas as it is my favorite holiday season. So this is how Workspez celebrate Halloween, how about your startup? Do you have some unique event to have among the team? Or some routine activity? I would love to hear it and probably do the same. Nudge me in comment or email.

Simple Weekend Activity

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Oct 8, 2017
Gavin in his Bedcot

This is what I am trying to do whenever I have spare time in my weekend, playing with my son Gavin. As of today, he is about one year and four months old. Many say that this is the time where they are in the super cute stage. I can’t agree more, beside of him throwing all toys to the floor and ask me to pick for him, whenever he smiles makes my stress gone.

One thing that I realize when he is in this stage, he likes to grab anything that he sees. It can be a blanket, pillow, some plastics, paper, his toys, or even dirty socks in the laundry basket. It is true when people say this age. His safety is the top priority.

Being First Time Father

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Jul 5, 2017
Gavin and me

Being a first-time father is a lifetime privilege that I can have in my life. When my firstborn son comes to the world, I can’t describe how happy the feeling is. Every single day I always want to see him, play with him, and even carry him in my arm with extra care. That is something that many parents can relate to, I believe. Yes, discount the part where he often cry to wake us up from sound sleep (every 2 – 3 hours without knowing it is day or night), poop when we just change the diapers, his itchy hand that want to touch any single things in the house, ah….. did I mention about his crying volume always without failed to wake us up. I believe most of the first time father experiences such things. This experience makes me appreciate my parents more. I wonder when I was my son’s age, what did I do during that time. Hahhaha, I only can imagine I am doing the same thing as my son did. Oh well, a baby is designed to be that way anyway.

Gavin and me

Gavin and me

Seeing this photo, I amazed at how fast he’s growing. Now he has started to learn to walk. Often I see him stand and sit without holding anything. Love the progress of his growing, apart from his tantrum has been growing to a certain height as well by now. To take the picture above required multiple takes, not to mention we need to calm him and ask him to keep looking at the camera, plus his hand trying to grab my glasses almost all the time. By far, this is the best picture taken during these chances. But what is necessary, the big smile.

I believe this is the joy of being a first-time father.