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Set Priority Right

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Oct 31, 2018

I am writing this from Bandung, and I really miss my family in KL. I am privilege to be able to go outstation to build business in Bandung, but with sacrifice of my family time. There are lots of things running in my mind, and obviously going back to KL soonest is what I desire most. From outside, you may think that I had achieve success, but I tell you what I am doing now is to build strong foundation in business. To enable this business help SME in Indonesia, this has been my passion and sole goal.

What matters?

Yes, from short description above, it seems my work really important. I do ask questions time to time, is this really worth to sacrifice my family time? In this state of confusion, often I pray to God to give clear guidance. Thanks for my church network, most of the town I visit, I will be able to meet with new friends or sometimes old friends too. It has been 10 years I had become disciple, and I know that I have to set priority right about my life. I never like the term “No choice”. We have choices all the time.

So what is my first priority? God. First and foremost, I start my day and end my day trying my best worshiping God. I do failed many times and fall into sinful nature, but each fall I make a promise that I would never fall into same spot again. My second priority now is my wife and then comes my children. I know many parents put their children first then spouse. I share with you that you have to put your spouse first before children. My son actually copying me and my wife very well. If I teach him something but I never do it, it would not last long. He is learning by copying. That is how kids are.

Set priority right from beginning

So if the first, second and third has taken, so where you put your work in what number? Whenever I am traveling or meeting with new people, often times I get the feeling that people put their work above all. This is totally the opposite of set priority right. Think again, business world is a harsh world. Whenever it is not making profit, it would not last. Do you want a great life? Set your priority right from beginning. That is the key. Spend more time with your family, friends, or someone that dear to you. This will improve your overall life, and contribute to higher productivity. If you need to work with someone and you have the power to choose, are you going to choose someone who are moody or high spirit? If it is me, I will choose the high spirit one, because it will be pleasant working with them compare the other one.

So I do hope for those who are putting their work first, after reading this perhaps you start to think what really matters in your life. Because each of you are matters to God, so yes you are matter to someone else.

Mother Day 2018 Celebration

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May 15, 2018
Mother Day 2018

Happy Mother Day for all mothers!!! It is so good to celebrate mother day 2018 this year with Crystal. I have to push my travel schedule, meetings and make myself available for this day for her. There are tons of things that I do appreciate her as a mother for my son. To name a few, her unconditional love to Gavin is the best highlight. I still remember, one day she is actually exhausted, and I happen to be outstation at that time, Gavin’s mood is cranky, and she still entertains and plays with him. Indeed she is a really outstanding mom in this family.

Simple mother day celebration

What we do this year, nothing fancy. Firstly, we make sure our son is sleep first. After our son sleeps, we just set a simple sit-in the table, with some cakes and wine. We make it simple, but what is important is we have a great time together. I think having personal time is our shared love language, so that is why we feel appreciated and loved. If you want to have a grand celebration of your spouse, find their love language and do it for them. It does simple, but somehow, it is common to have people did not aware of this.

Focus on what matters

Seriously, what matters most during the celebration? Excellent gift? Lavish dinner? Or perhaps some select gateway? Well, if money is no issue, go for it. My personal idea that I can go in a simple but meaningful way, I will always choose that. Why? Because I instead focus on what matters most.

Most but not least, again happy mother day to all mothers, thanks for taking mother role in the family.

Hand Foot Mouth Disease Outbreak for Gavin

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Apr 21, 2018
gavin in hospital

This is marking five days since Gavin battling with hand foot mouth disease. When it started, he got a fever for about two days. In the beginning, we only think it is only normal fever, not due to hand foot mouth disease (HFMD). So during consultation time with the doctor, he suspects that he got infected with the virus after we told him that one of his friends in preschool confirms having it. During this time, the doctor tells us that he will give the throat and fever medicines. We will need him to come to the hospital again if his condition is nowhere getting better.

Hand foot mouth disease can be critical

After we are aware of this disease, we start gathering all information on the internet. Thanks to technology, now all data is within our fingertip to access. We learn that it is needed to keep the house environment sterilized and clean. Then we need to keep checking his symptom of fever, if it continues to heat for more than 16 hours, we need to bring him to hospital. During this time, Gavin fever is not constant, but slightly higher and then back to normal from time to time. This kinda worries me, and I told my wife that let’s admit him to the hospital so that he can get more access to health care.

I also read that this disease can be fatal to children, which is why we rush him to the hospital. Once we arrive at the hospital, after double confirm with the doctor, we are given some choice to choose our room, be it sharing or single. Gavin insurance only covers the specific limit, and we decide to take a unique place because we don’t want this will infect other kids when we are sharing a room. Yes, we will be top up the difference, but it is for the safety of others so it worth every penny.

Sunway medical center

Many are asking why we choose Sunway medical center, not another hospital. Well, firstly it is the nearest to our house. The second reason that I believe the Sunway bill is not slaughtering compare to others. I had been many hospitals around Malaysia (be it my personal experience, or my family members). So I know they usually will slaughter patients with the bills. You need to anticipate a heart attack if you are paying by yourself.

One hospital charges me RM 39.90 for toiletries that are so small it is finished after two times usage. Not to mention when you press the bell, each press cost you money. Don’t forget that the hospital will subscribe unnecessary quantity of medicine that beyond your needs. Few times I send Gavin to Sunway hospital for a checkup, and there is a couple of time the doctor did not subscribe to any medicine, and the bill comes out are cheaper compare his typical clinic.

Treatment for hand foot mouth disease



Sad to say, there is no specific treatment for this disease yet. But that does not mean you can’t do anything about it.

Let’s talk about prevention. You have to sterilize all the toys, clothes, everything in your house. So that it does not comes back to your child again. Second, avoid crowded places. We are responsible for stopping the outbreak. My wife has to be at home to nurse him. I have to be on and off from the office too. My poor boy has to stay in the hospital room for five days, and he does not allow me to go outside to contain the outbreak. Third, always sanitize. My son is in the age of touching anything that he can see. So we have to disinfect his hand and sterilize any place he reaches.

On another note, you might be infected with hand foot mouth disease as an adult. It is rare, but there is a possibility. If that occurs, you need to take precautions and contact a medical doctor for advice.

Wonderfood Museum @ Penang

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Jan 27, 2018
Wonderfood Museum

Penang has become my favorite No 1 place in Malaysia for me. The transport in Penang is convenient, food is good, many attractions. I had been many times to Penang. Every single time is going Penang. I will make sure I would not miss its signature food. Especially their street food. A good sign is that it is cheaper compared to KL. If you are the first time in Penang, you will be overwhelmed by choices. Foods and attractions keep increasing. Penang is well known as the food capital of Malaysia. So it is more reason to go to the wonder food museum.

I decided to bring my family to the Wonderfood Museum. Located strategically at 49, Lebuh Pantai, George Town. Reading a couple of reviews and this place has high ratings. Sad to say for foreigner need to pay more expensive than local. Just that it is worth to go and play around. One thing for sure, be ready to take tons of pictures. The moment I step foot in this place, we keep taking photos.

Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh

Chinese reunion dinner

Chinese reunion dinner

Banana leaves

Banana leaves

The above three pictures are the most common foods that you can find in Malaysia. My favorite is a dish called Bak Kut Teh. It is pork meat that cooked with Chinese herbs. An excellent meal to have in raining or cold area. The famous place to have obviously in Klang town. 2018 Chinese new year is kinda near as this post was written. So many Chinese descendants will have dinner like the second picture. They usually have it with friends, family, or in a business setting. You can find many restaurants will pack with people. The third one is somehow easily found in Malaysia. Local Indian food called banana leaves. Taste has been localized, so you can expect it slightly different compared to India. They serve the dish on top of the banana leaves, which is where it gets the name.

Malysian indian

Malysian traditional food

Above is the complete picture of Malaysian Malay traditional food. A bit similar to the Indonesian one. One might argue that Malaysia is copying from Indonesia. Well, it is common to share certain similarities in terms of food anyway.

Penang Laksa

Prawn noodle 2

Laska noodle 2

Prawn noodle 1

Laksa noodle 1

This is my favorite food in Penang. Penang laksa. It is fish-based food, with think taste of the soup. Well, blend with a sweet and sour taste. Some even taste spicy. Obviously, it must dish to have in Penang.

Malay dessert and cake

Malyasian dessert and cake

Malyasian dessert and cake

Malay dessert

Malay dessert

Malay dessert is rich in a variety of shape and texture. There are soft type, cake-type, and some kinda hard type. One thing for sure the sugar content is high. You need to get ready for your sweet tooth. Just be careful with diabetics.

National Dish

Without a doubt, Roti canai has become a national dish. It is available almost every corner of Malaysia. The price is low. In fact, it often used as a reference to economic. You might hear the term, RM 1 for 1 roti canai. Which carries meaning that Ringgit is strong. Chili crab is has become a signature dish in Singapore. Personally, the Malaysia version’s taste is more substantial compared to Singapore’s. So I prefer the Malaysia version. Lastly, Satay. It is grill meat with peanut sauce.

Roti Canai

Roti Canai

Chilli crab

Chilli crab



Cold dessert

Looking for a frozen dessert? Penang cendol is the answer. Famous cendol in Penang has one sign, a long queue. Nothing beats good cendol in a hot and sunny day.

One does not walk away from Penang without trying their cendol.

Well, above is my personal quote that I often say to my friends. The first time in Penang must try their cendol. It is a shaved ice, serve with coconut glasses of milk. Sometimes people are topping it with red beans and green jelly. It might be too sweet for some, so if you are under sugar control. Be ready to drink more water after the intake. My favorite is when they use brown sugar.

Giant Cendol

Giant Cendol 1


Giant cendol 2

More Attraction

Yes, the main show of the museum is all about the food in Malaysia. But they also have a couple of theme rooms for people who dress up and taking a picture. What I like about the staff from the wonder food museum, they are friendly. Often they ask if we need assistance to take a picture with our camera. So be prepared to get your camera ready for a lot of photos.

Candy and sweet room

Candy and sweet room

Eating Pasta

Eating Pasta

Flipping Table

Flipping Table

Main Messages

At the end of the show, it comes back to the essential messages. You shall not waste any food. See the picture below, I was really impressed and fully support the moral behind it.



One side point they also show the element of unhealthy food. Take, for example of soda. Many know that drinking soda actually bad for health. So the illustrator below will tell you in detail. Why it is awful to drink soda. So it is better to drink plain water compare to any other soda drinks.

Soda effect

Soda effect

Overall, this place has become an essential place for me. I hope their work is bringing creativity to continue and have more variety in the future. Last but not least, hopefully, the hunger message is realized to all people so that they know they should not waste food anymore.

Healthy Parenting not Competent

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Oct 21, 2017
Healthy Parenting

Today is the first day that Crystal and me going for a parenting class. We got to know about this parenting class from HOPE Worldwide Malaysia from their website: When I got the news about this class, immediately I am signing up with Crystal, and we are making sure that both of us able to attend this class. I love the lesson so much, it really teaches me about how to become healthy parenting rather than being a competent one. There are a lot of new things that I learn from today’s workshop and so far below are some personal summary points that I took from the workshop.

Putting More Effort on Relationship, not Behavior Correction

As a parent, it is easy to correct our kids when they are not behaving as what we expected, or perhaps not in a proper manner. Why did I say easy? Because you can take many ways to discipline your kids, such as punishment, verbal correction, etc. But when it comes to relationship matters, it takes significant effort and time to build, not to mention it needs to be done in a lifetime. What I learned is that when my relationship with my kid is deep enough, conveying my message to him is more comfortable. Because they will listen to guidance well. This point really blows my mind as it really does open my horizon as a parent. I want my kid to be successful (who does not??). But the questions will be how well I can get close with my son in every stage of his life.

The speaker brings good insight, many parenting books, the majority emphasizes correcting kids’ behavior. Such as how to make kids listen to you, how to teach them discipline, well, the list goes on. Not many emphasize more on how healthy relationships between parents and children. As a parent, it is common to have a misconception that your relationship is always good, but probably the right question is, what are you nurturing them well? Build a healthy environment around them to ensure they can make the right decision on their own? If you have such questions and looking for an answer, perhaps you might find one from ‘Good enough parenting’ book.

Best gift to children is an excellent marriage

Yes!! Best give to children is an excellent marriage. I have miss-conception about providing the best gift. When I look at my childhood, I always see my father work really hard to bring food on the table, clothes, and educations for me and my siblings. My mom still compares me with my brother and sister, to the point I become numb about it (My brother and sister are well-doing students while mine always gives them a heart attack). One thing that I remember clearly, I seldom see my family having a heart to heart conversation often. Not to mention having an in-depth talk between my parents and me, which is why I find an alternative, which is video games.

I would probably repeat the parenting model from my parents to my kids if I did not attend this workshop. Basically, I will be creating my own self to my son. Coming out from class tonight, it makes me determined to break the circle about parenting model. I decided that I will try my best to create a healthy family environment for my kid, and it start with a great marriage. I really thank God that I can attend such a great workshop.

If you are reading this and hoping to share your great experience or exchange knowledge, make comment on this post.

Simple Weekend Activity

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Oct 8, 2017
Gavin in his Bedcot

This is what I am trying to do whenever I have spare time in my weekend, playing with my son Gavin. As of today, he is about one year and four months old. Many say that this is the time where they are in the super cute stage. I can’t agree more, beside of him throwing all toys to the floor and ask me to pick for him, whenever he smiles makes my stress gone.

One thing that I realize when he is in this stage, he likes to grab anything that he sees. It can be a blanket, pillow, some plastics, paper, his toys, or even dirty socks in the laundry basket. It is true when people say this age. His safety is the top priority.