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Indonesian General Election 2019

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Apr 14, 2019
Indonesian General Election 2019 KBRI

Today is the time for all Indonesia citizens to cast their votes. Which marking a historical date of Indonesian general election 2019 KBRI. All outstation Indonesian able to cast their votes to their respective Indonesia embassy.

I arrive at 10:00 AM at KBRI Malaysia, to my surprise that so many people have queue up in front of KBRI to cast their votes. I am surprised that many people have been long queues up, under the hot sun! I am about to give up, thank God one of my friends calls me to come to another voting place.

Without much thinking, I go to second place, which is not far from KBRI KL. Well, not to my surprise, many people are queueing up here too. Estimate about 300 people gather here. Well, it is indeed the Indonesian general election 2019!!!!

I stand under the hot sun for at least 3 hours, along this time, I manage to comfort some people who want to give upvoting. I insist on telling them that they need to make sure that their voice counts! I had seen quite a lot of people complain about the current government as well as fear about the opposition candidate capability. So why not stand for a couple of hours more and use this opportunity to really make your voice matter!!

I do hope the next general election, they can perform better checking and organizing. Credential sourced from Indonesia record that there are about one million Indonesian in Malaysia, with this number, they do only open three locations for casting a vote. Assuming 60% of people turns up for voting, how do you think that three voting place can accommodate such number? Something to learn for the Indonesian general election 2019.

So apart from standing under the hot sun for 4 hours, getting shout by local police and being treated like suspects (they ask us to sit on the road and make us duck walking to bail out office). Not to count people keep pushing from all directions and best out of best, someone still smoking in those conditions. With all those sweat, I manage to cast my vote!!! This is what I do for my country!!

Indonesia General Election 2019

Now, hopefully for those in Indonesia can do the same casting their vote in Indonesia General Election 2019 on 17th April 2019. All the best and pray to God that the next president can lead Indonesia to a better future.

Tama Boutique Hotel at Jl Dr Rajiman Bandung

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Oct 16, 2017
Outside signage

I came to Bandung a couple of times for business, and I finally found a hotel where I would love to stay whenever I am in Bandung. Be it for leisure or business. Tama boutique hotel will be my first choice. I got to know the hotel from Traveloka. When they have a big promotion for flight and hotel. I took a chance to book this hotel. After reading many reviews of Tama boutique hotel, I do realize there are tons of hotel in Bandung. To my surprise that Hilton Bandung cost cheaper than one in KL.

Why stay in this hotel?

For business purposes, I am considering a few elements in a hotel before I make a decision to book. First, the location must be centralized or within 5 KM of places that I would like to go to frequently (checked). Second, it should have room service 24 hours, or there is nearby street food at night (both also have, so it is double-checked) — lastly, a hot water shower (absolutely checked). Now, my additional requirement will be no carpet, because I am pretty sure the hotel rarely clean their carpet except they only vacuum it.


tama boutique hotel Lobby

Woow element

When I arrive at the lobby, the ‘Woow’ element is substantial. Seriously I never see such a simple and yet beautifully cozy hotel before. I bet they spend a lot of interior design. The receptionist spoke English well, so you would not find difficulties with some requests that you would like to have.

Interior 3

tama boutique hotel – Interior 3

King size bed

King size bed

Interior 2

tama boutique hotel – Interior 2

Interior 1

tama boutique hotel – Interior 1

Two chairs

Two chairs

I love the interior. It is clean, sleek, and zen. So many zen factors here. I bet when the plant grows longer, it will be more beautiful than now.

Room decoration

Room decoration

King size bed

King size bed

Equip with a universal plug inside the room

This is my room. The size is more significant than I expected and with Korean decoration. They have universal travel plug installed, so any plug you carry can plug directly.

Breakfast set

Breakfast set in tama boutique hotel

The best thing about this hotel, their breakfast is marvelous!. If you book the room with a balcony, you can have such breakfast with amazing Bandung view. Ah, you can enjoy your breakfast in a hotel lobby or your bedroom. Just notify the receptionist, and they will make an arrangement for you. In fact, if you are a solo traveler during that time, you can order two sets of breakfast. Tips for great outdoor breakfast, do it before 8:30 AM. Before the road pack with the sound of motors and pollution. Did I mention that the opposite of this hotel has tons of street food? Yeah, you bet. You can try local delicacy just located in front of the hotel, or for a higher class, you can have an authentic Korean restaurant located at level 2.

Hotel Signage

Hotel Signage

Overall, I love this place. I have set my mind that whenever I am in Bandung, I will try my best to book this hotel.

You can find their official website from this link: