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What We Want To See in Your Resume

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Nov 12, 2018
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I had been interviewing many people in these past five days. I know that to land an interview, some may think it is kinda easy. But I tell you some secrets that you need to do in your resume before you come to interview. This is my upgraded version from my previous post about the meaningful interview – how to get it. Now you might clueless but fear not. What I share with you is from my own experience on how I pick good people and also how I really able to filter out those who are not fit to take the job.

Make your resume professional

This is the most essential thing that you should do. Do invest in a pleasant template or some design that makes your outstanding resume format. Yes, the content is critical, so does the visual. I never like to see a resume in a typical word format. Next is do include a professional photo. It should be either passport photos or business-related profile picture. I never like to see people attach their photo that seems taken from the Facebook profile picture, not to mention with some style and duck mouth (I saw this, I will delete the resume and find the next person). There is time for duck mouth photos but obviously, seldom work for an interview.

Recheck your spelling, again, and again. Remember your resume is about three to four pages (commonly), so do spend more time checking the spelling. Take a break between checking to ensure you did not miss anything. People who do recruitment are so sensitive towards wrong spelling. If you can’t do this simple job, forget about getting a more prominent role. Not including detailed information is a killer too. Say you have 6 years’ experience, but you only list the latest company where you just work for about 2 years. I will be wondering about the remaining 4 years. Mind you that I would not spend more time to check with you. If you did not even care to put, why should I?

Remove hobby, weight, and height, or non-related info, please

For God’s sake, do remove this stuff. You love swimming, but applying for an accountant post, what is the relations? About height and weight are never needed actually. Unless it stated so for particular jobs such as stewardess/flight attendance. How about a fresh graduate? Ah, yes, you did not have any experience, so I would rather see what is your active activity during your study. Take the example of joining some competitions, championing a specific field, or any other things that might help you to stand out from other fresh graduates. Your grade is absolutely necessary to put.

But I saw someone putting winning a photography competition while applying as a programmer. Well, I seriously think it is not needed, but why not? How about social media account then? Unless it is for marketing or related job, it is not required. Linkedin will be useful to put.


Do include achievement, include the detail data and how you achieve it in brief. Don’t do this: “Improve overall sales” or “Bring impact to company-wide,” instead do this: “Increase 3% sales monthly with effective communication skills”. I do notice most resume is lacking in this part. We do want to see your job description, but the achievement will thrive.

How to answer calls from companies

Never ever show impoliteness to the person that calls you to arrange an interview. So what kind of things under impoliteness? Forgot that you apply job for such company, or you show “don’t care” attitude as long as you got the job to jump, or worse, you are not really sure you want to come to interview (this kind of people I will put adverse remark which it will stay permanently in their resume).

I know that these coming months many people graduate or celebrating for university students. I hope for the best of your career.

Meaningful Interview – How to Get it

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Aug 20, 2017

When my company is opening a position for an accountant, I am happy to see 120 plus of candidate applying. Just that soon when we shortlisted candidate, it turns out it is around 20 people that fit the job post. Some candidates that show promising, and I hope they can gain more experience in presenting themselves. Sad to say, most of the candidate does not have the quality that we are looking for. I know the finance job is repetitive and tends to get boring, but at least you should able to tell us why it is not dull.

In this interview, I am expecting the candidate asking me a lot of questions:

Take example:

  • How are the newly open position impacting overall company strategy and decision?
  • Will this position require to answer some emails or communications after office hours?
  • Who are the internal and external clients that I have to satisfied in this position?
  • Does this position have an opportunity or chance to involve in strategic decisions once proved reliable?
  • Who is a direct supervisor and also an indirect supervisor?

Above are questions that I will ask if I am in their position. You might as why. It is essential to know the whole company operations in a short time. What people looking at is how you can fit. By the way, I also have been many interviews during my career time from applying entry-level programming, up to the top management post. There are lots of things that I learn from my failed interview. Even more from some, I think I just did a very uplifting and meaningful meeting. I will tell how my previous experience helps me to overcome some challenges arise or even handling some problematic situation.

The interesting question is when I am asking what their expecting salary is. Some tell me a certain number without any confidence. Some even show sky-high pay but little to offer. Yes, I agree that you should ask a high salary provided you can claim such worth, and your contributions must be significant to the business. Apart from this question, I always open with: “Tell me about your achievement.”

Such a simple question but it is critical. Some tips: Never explain your job scope as an achievement. Take an example: “I can handle full set of account.” This task is what you expected to do, not your success. Instead, this sounds better: “The previous team failed to maintain the full set of account within two weeks after month-end closing, and since join, I manage to simplified X factor by doing Y factor to close the gap of two weeks.” Now, this is an acceptable answer where you will stand out among candidates, plus, the interviewer will see this answer as an impressive response.

I wish you luck with those who are looking for a job. Remember, due diligent is the key here. One candidate able to impress us with the way he presents himself, even find out about our company and how it can bring impact to the business. Lastly, he prepared to tell that I am one of the founders (I always say to a candidate that I am one of admin staff, not a founder because founder title carries no meaning to me). Those are the reason why we offer him a job offer the soonest we can.

So above are some tips from me about having a meaningful interview. Yes, you might experience such a discussion but sad to say many do not have the chance to experience what people call useful debate.