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Set Priority Right

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Oct 31, 2018

I am writing this from Bandung, and I really miss my family in KL. I am privilege to be able to go outstation to build business in Bandung, but with sacrifice of my family time. There are lots of things running in my mind, and obviously going back to KL soonest is what I desire most. From outside, you may think that I had achieve success, but I tell you what I am doing now is to build strong foundation in business. To enable this business help SME in Indonesia, this has been my passion and sole goal.

What matters?

Yes, from short description above, it seems my work really important. I do ask questions time to time, is this really worth to sacrifice my family time? In this state of confusion, often I pray to God to give clear guidance. Thanks for my church network, most of the town I visit, I will be able to meet with new friends or sometimes old friends too. It has been 10 years I had become disciple, and I know that I have to set priority right about my life. I never like the term “No choice”. We have choices all the time.

So what is my first priority? God. First and foremost, I start my day and end my day trying my best worshiping God. I do failed many times and fall into sinful nature, but each fall I make a promise that I would never fall into same spot again. My second priority now is my wife and then comes my children. I know many parents put their children first then spouse. I share with you that you have to put your spouse first before children. My son actually copying me and my wife very well. If I teach him something but I never do it, it would not last long. He is learning by copying. That is how kids are.

Set priority right from beginning

So if the first, second and third has taken, so where you put your work in what number? Whenever I am traveling or meeting with new people, often times I get the feeling that people put their work above all. This is totally the opposite of set priority right. Think again, business world is a harsh world. Whenever it is not making profit, it would not last. Do you want a great life? Set your priority right from beginning. That is the key. Spend more time with your family, friends, or someone that dear to you. This will improve your overall life, and contribute to higher productivity. If you need to work with someone and you have the power to choose, are you going to choose someone who are moody or high spirit? If it is me, I will choose the high spirit one, because it will be pleasant working with them compare the other one.

So I do hope for those who are putting their work first, after reading this perhaps you start to think what really matters in your life. Because each of you are matters to God, so yes you are matter to someone else.